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1.4 Subtraction Subtraction- defined by missing addends: 13-5 is the number that fits in the blank. Ex: 5+_=13 Part- Whole Interpretation: a part of a set or quantity is specified and we want to know how much is needed to make it whole. Thus, we must find a missing part. Set Model-The class has 26 students. 11 are boys. How many are girls? Measurement Model- Abby’s family drives to a lake 92 miles away. They stop for lunch after going 60 miles. How much further is it to the lake? Take- away Interpretation- We removes objects from a set or decrease a measurement by specified amount. Set Model- Sarah had a dozen eggs. She used five to make a cake. How many are left? Measurement Model- Jenny had $23. She spent for a book. How much did she have
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Unformatted text preview: left? Comparison Interpretation- We compare two different sets or measurements; subtraction is interpreted as the differences. Set Model-Lilly has 11 dolls. Megan has 8. How many more dolls does Lilly have? Measurement Model-Sam weighs 56 pounds. Beth weighs 48 pounds. How much heavier is Sam? Place value-thinking strategies: Counting down- Simple subtractions done by counting down. Counting up- Compete differences by counting up. Compensation- We adjust the problem by adding or subtracting the same amount to both minuend and the subtrahend therefore leaving the difference unchanged....
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