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1.3 Addition Any-Order property- a list of whole numbers can be added in any order. Thus 3+6+2 can be computed as (3+6) +2 or (2+3) +6, etc. Additive Identity property- 5+0=5 Commutative property-7+5=5+7 Associative property-(3+7)+5=3+(7+5) Thinking Strategies: -Adding +1, +2: 7+2=9 (Easy by just counting on) -Adding +0: 5+0=5 (Trivial, once taught)
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Unformatted text preview: -Commutatively: 3+9=9+3 (Pointed out and used)-Doubles: 3+3, 4+4 (Learn through practice)-Ten combinations: 5+5, 6+4, 7+3 (Learn through practice)-Adding ten: 7+10=17 (Pointed out and used)-Relating to doubles: 6+7= (6+6)+1=13 (Mental math)- Compensation- 9+6=10+5 (Mental math) Common student error- students over use =....
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