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Math Chapter 1.1 - Egyptian Numerals-Introduced new symbols...

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Math Chapter One: 1.1 Counting Whole Numbers- The numbers we use to count beginning with zero. 0,1,2,3….. Set Model- Concrete objects; the answer most be a whole number. Measurement Model- used for distance, time, weight, and height. Numerals- Tallies-The simplest and most intuitive way to record numbers is by tallies.
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Unformatted text preview: Egyptian Numerals-Introduced new symbols: Heel for 10 tallies, Scroll for 100 tallies, and Lotus for 1000 tallies. Roman Numerals- I- for 1, X- for 10, C- for 100, M- for 1000, V- for 5, L- for 50, and D- for 500....
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