The Interpretation of cultures

The Interpretation of cultures - i Value of cultural...

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The Interpretation of cultures: By: Clifford Geertz Culture: A. Universalism- Notions of right and wrong are independent of culture. B. Relativism- Notions of appropriateness and mortality (right and wrong) vary from culture to culture. C. Ruth Benedict- a. Pattern’s of culture b. “…. Anything one group is inclined toward doing is worthy of respect.” c. Respect does not necessarily mean agree D. Human Right a. Indentify some value to exist in all cultures or which are presupposed by cultural practices. E. 1948 UN Declaration of human rights a. Signed on by 180+ nations listing values that are justified for every culture independent of their beliefs. i. Freedom from violence ii. Etc… F. Problems with benedicts theory- a. Two differences on opposite sides of an issue
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Unformatted text preview: i. Value of cultural toleration-1. The idea of forcing our own concepts on others is wrong 2. Being against imposition ii. Egregious actions 1. AKA…Crimes against humanity G. Judgment vs. Intervention a. Judgment i. The idea that something is wrong or needs fixing ii. Question of wrongness b. Intervention i. Sanctions ii. War iii. Isolation H. Stratographic vs. Synthetic a. Stratographic i. AKA consensus gentium ii. Finding the things that are actually common in all cultures iii. 3 Reasons of failure: 1. When you are looking for commonalities you break it down into to its vaguest form so it is not longer an identity. a. Religion, marriage, And property i. Different religions do things different ways...
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The Interpretation of cultures - i Value of cultural...

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