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Stranger with a Camera - did-Entitlement The belief that...

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Stranger with a Camera: - Hugh O’ Conner- filmed America in East Kentucky. - In September 1968 Hugh O’ Conner was shot and killed - Hobart’s Ison- was the killer - Hobart Ison did not like the way Hugh O’ Conner was filming on his property without permission and got so frustrated he shot him. - American Dream- everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. The American dream is a discourse. It has been changing. You want your children to live a better life then you
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Unformatted text preview: did. -Entitlement- The belief that you are owed something; you have all the right to deserve without too much hard work. -Hobart Ison- Middle class-Hobart Ison- charged with voluntary man slaughter (spur of the moment but knew what he was doing. Only in jail for a year, then out on parole. He should have got life. -What is the difference between the movie and the article?...
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