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IAH 207 Personality and the making of the twentieth century culture: By: Warren Susman -written 1980; copy right in 1984 ~Think of why they titled the easy the way they did, what is the significance? The culture we live in shapes who we are. Character is defined by: morals, religions, upstanding character, producer oriented and work ethic. (1700’s-1800’s) Personality is defined by: consumer oriented, perception, appearance, and one crafts their own
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Unformatted text preview: personality. Paradox- something that does not seem like it is write but it is. The concept of out self develops from our society. High culture- wealthy, value, prestige, intelligence, and unique. -The idea of Freud, Newton, and Darwin became high culture from mass culture. Personality is modern man. Old view- we use to believe in god. Post-modern- nothing absolute, man is dying out....
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