IAH Notes - Modern View- cultural shaping; general...

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IAH Notes: 1/12/10 The Impact of the Concept of Culture on the Concept of Man By: Clifford Geertz -Written in 1973 -Clifford went to Harvard -Born 1926-2006 -Symbolic Anthropology- study of how cultures relate to symbols Thesis: Man is to be defined neither by his innate capacities alone, as the enlightenment sought to do, nor by his actual behaviors alone, as much of contemporary social science seeks to do, but rather by the link between them, by the way in which the first is transformed into the second, his genetic potentialities focused into his specific performances. Enlightenment View- layers make man different but in the core we are all the same.
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Unformatted text preview: Modern View- cultural shaping; general universals We look at the difference in man and then we get lost. So one needs to look at the process of becoming a man. Man- Beyond man-in Look in the middle rather than at the poles: mm Without culture, there would be no man. We do have the pieces that tell us how to survive we learn from culture. We need culture in interact and learn. We need to be socially human. Cultural Relativism- the idea that I am going to do whats right for me and you do whats right for you. Brings peace but limits social interaction. Ethnocentrism- Belief your culture is better than anyone culture....
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IAH Notes - Modern View- cultural shaping; general...

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