Globalization - Globalization: -Homogenization- everything...

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-Homogenization- everything becoming the same. -Cultures are being Americanized. -Cultural impact -New global professions -Pop culture -The global village -The American market -language -Values Cultures open up people’s minds to different ideas. -Good for a small% of the population. -Pros and cons- knowledge of other countries needs -Some cultures feel threatened. -Trade both ways -protecting cultures Globalization- acceleration of interactions between people, companies, governments of different nations. Homogenization- everything is shipped is not the same. When ideas get spread they are not necessarily the same. The Case of Contamination: By: Kwame Appiah Main thesis- He is for globalization because it is helping third world nations in the world. Contamination- not all things that catch are bad. Changing is good because without changing our culture would die. Frame of reference- past experiences that effect how you will see things today. Tabula Rosa- Blank slate philosophy.
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Globalization - Globalization: -Homogenization- everything...

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