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Lecture 6 MCB 161 S. Harmer 01/21/10 DNA replication (part III), DNA Repair Reading: Watson text: pp 265 - 281; 283 – 303 Problems: See the ‘Lecture Info’ page on the course web site. I. Telomeres – solving the ‘end-replication’ problem A. Telomeres protect ends of chromosomes B. Telomerase is an RNP (ribonucleoprotein) and carries its own template C. Mechanism II. Topoisomerase A. Solves topological problems associated with DNA replication B. Type I and Type II enzymes and mechanisms
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Unformatted text preview: III. Types of mutations and their causes A. Mismatched bases B. Chemically modified bases (hydrolysis, alkylation, oxidation, UV damage) C. Double-strand breaks (oxidation, ionizing radiation) IV. Repair mechanisms A. Mismatch repair - recognition of parental vs newly-replicated DNA strand B. Chemically modified bases i. Direct repair of lesion (e.g. photolyase) ii. Excision repair (removal of one base or of stretch of nucleotides)...
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