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Note12 - (HDAC closed chromatin 2 Chromatin...

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Lecture 13 MCB 161 S. Harmer 2/15/09 Regulation of transcription II Reading: See web links on ‘Assigned reading’ page; also, Watson p. 368 - 370, 537 – 540, 544 - 548. Blackwood EM, Eisenman RN. (1991) Max: A helix-loop-helix zipper protein that forms a sequence-specific DNA-binding complex with Myc. Science , 251:1211-7 (available on web page). Problems: See web site. I. Myc/Mad/Max interactions A. Myc has basic HLH and Leu-Zip regions, regulates cell division, target genes were unknown. B. Definition of binding site C. Identification of heterodimerization partner by direct screening D. Specificity of Max interactions with Myc, DNA binding of heterodimer E. Regulatory network c-,N-,L- Myc / Max / Mad II. Mechanisms for transcription factor regulation of gene expression A. Recruit factors to alter chromatin remodeling (SWI/SNF, ISWI). 1. Histone acetyl transerase (HAT, opens chromatin), histone deacetlyase
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Unformatted text preview: (HDAC, closed chromatin) 2. Chromatin remodeling (SWI/SNF) 3. DNA methylation, histone methylation B. Recruit components of basal apparatus, or stabiliz e interaction of basal apparatus with minimal promoter region (may require mediator complex). C. Activate basal apparatus. D. Compete for binding sites with repressors/activators. III. Myc/Mad/Max mechanism of action A. Mad-Max dimer recruits co-repressors, SIN3A and HDAC2 (histone deacetylase) - represses gene expression B. Myc-Max dimer recruits proteins including histone acetylases - promotes gene expression Lecture 13 MCB 161 S. Harmer 2/15/09 Figure 3 CKII = phosphorylation site (Casein kinase II can phosphorylate) BR = basic region HLH = helix loop helix LZ = leucine zipper AR = acidic region Figures are from: Blackwood & Eisenman (1991) Science, 251 : 1211-1217 (assigned reading)...
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Note12 - (HDAC closed chromatin 2 Chromatin...

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