Note13 - Lecture 14 S Harmer MCB 161 Regulation of...

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Lecture 14 MCB 161 S. Harmer 02/18/2010 Regulation of Transcription - III Reading: Watson pp 619-620; 620-624 (inc. Fig. 17-25); 708-711; 662 (Box 19-1); review 182-185 Problems: MBOC 7-64, 7-65, 7-66 I. Myc/Mad/Max mechanism of action A. Mad-Max dimer recruits co-repressors, SIN3A and HDAC2 (histone deacetylase) - represses gene expression B. Myc-Max dimer recruits proteins including histone acetylases - promotes gene expression II. Euchromatic vs. heterochromatic regions (other correlates of gene expression) A. Heterochromatic DNA appears denser than euchromatic under microscope B. Histone tails in heterochromatic regions often deacetylated C. Methylation of some histone tail residues (e.g. K9 of H3) correlated with repression of gene expression, but methylation of others (e.g. K4 of H3) correlated with activation. D. DNAse I hypersensitivity E. DNA (cytosine) hypomethylation associated with expressed genes III. Nuclear hormone receptors A. Glucocorticoid receptor (GR) Glucocorticoid regulated enhancer element discovered in MMTV
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Note13 - Lecture 14 S Harmer MCB 161 Regulation of...

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