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DNA Lab-handout-LisaG-2010022 - Outline for DNA Lab PHR...

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Outline for DNA Lab PHR 242/ECL 242 2010 2/22/09 Goal: To acquaint students with the function of a Wildlife Lab 1. Go over sampling “kits”: how to send out for sample collection from different collaborators *Note how and why this is unique from other research labs! - We do not have easy access to our samples (no model organism “animal colony”) - We work with many different collaborators who sample for us (quality/contamination/sampling error?) *Professionalism - We might work with some rare and/or threatened species that can’t just be “re-sampled” - Our samples may come from non-sterile environments - Why do we have different and varying sample types? a) What are desiccant beads? b) What is Longmires solution? c) Nobutos (filter paper), Buccal Swabs, hair and feather collection, etc. d) What specific instructions need to go along with kits e) Understand permits needed, if any-country permit, species permit, etc. 2.
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