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PHR242/ECL242 Ecological Genetics Discussion: How to plan and start a project Feb 22, 2010 Scenarios for Discussion of “Starting Ecological Genetics Project” Situation 1: Domestic Hogs were first released in California in 1769 for free ranging. This resulted in a feral hog population. Later in 1925 the European Wild Boar was introduced to California for hunting purposes. In the last 75 years these two pig populations have interbred. As the population of feral pigs increased in California they have become more destructive to crop and range land and are increasingly causing more problems in more urban areas. These issues have caused the California Department of Fish and Game to more closely mange the species and have asked you to provide a statewide genetics analysis to help them understand population structure, gene flow, and relative influences of wild boar, domestic pig, and feral pig. Situation 2: The Venus Flytrap, Dionaea Muscipula, is perhaps the world's most unique and well-known carnivorous plant. Known only from a small area of coastal North and South Carolina, it has been collected legally and illegally for decades. The species has been decimated by decades of massive field
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ProjectPlanningDisc_Scenarios_Resources_Feb22-2010 -...

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