PHIL XX1 Sample Midterm

PHIL XX1 Sample Midterm - Sample Test Philosophy 001...

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Unformatted text preview: Sample Test, Philosophy 001 Warning —Midterms and Exams in this course test for conceptual understanding. This means that not only do you need to understand all the words we use, you also need to see the connections between the corresponding concepts and to be able to apply skills taught. Simply memorizing the answers to a bunch of questions won’t help with that. I post this “sample” solely for the benefit of those who have not seen an example of a test in this course so need to realize how difficult questions can be, not because I think doing it is a good way to study. Students have done no better since I started posting a sample than they were doing before. Also, the things tested in this sample do not exhaust the topics that can be tested, some things on this test may not have been covered in this particular class so would not occur on a test in this class, the sorts of questions and sections may vary on an actual test, you must read the instructions and questions carefully on an actual test, and I will not be posting another sample this term. Finally, the Answer Key is at the bottom of this test. At the start of the Key is what to do if you still have questions after having seen the answers. General Instructions : There are five sections to this test. Do not detach any sheets except (optional) the cover sheet. Any answers that are illegible or ambiguous will receive a mark of zero, as will any that are missing. It is your responsibility to ensure that your responses are clear. Be sure to put your answers in the appropriate spot. Raise your hand if you have a question. Section 1: True or False Specific Instructions : Answer each question with either a “T” for true, or an “F” for false in the appropriate spot on your answer sheet (at the back of this midterm) . (each correct answer is worth one mark) 1. It is rational for me to believe, of any particular belief of mine, that it is false. 2. It is rational for me to believe that some of your beliefs are false. 3. It doesn’t follow from the claim that most people think that it is true that Dr Mc is well-liked, that Dr Mc is well-liked. 4. It is possible that some arguments that are deductively sound are not deductively strong for you. 5. It is possible that it is reasonable for you to believe the conclusion of an argument that is weak for you....
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PHIL XX1 Sample Midterm - Sample Test Philosophy 001...

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