20090306153401 - (Fr ii SE 29 hissing semester...

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Unformatted text preview: (Fr) ii; SE 29% hissing semester ihhfit (2.1 (a) An 8m. long hollow circular bar of aluminum carries a 120 kN tensile load. mmo and the modulus of elasticity E is ’70 GPa, ,/ if the allowable normal stress in the bar is 100 MPa and the allowable elongation of the bar is 10 mm, what is the minimum required inside radius r?. _ . ./ " (b) What is the maximum shear stress in the bar and what is the angle of the plane for this stress? Show your results with a diagram, clearly indicating the direction of these stresses. (0) For a 100 MPa compressive stress, what temperature inerease results in no net change of length of the bar? ( 0t 2 23 x 10"6 [0(3)a = 100M% 3 E. as .VQQ it” a W(Re$r”iqc: «ocxtoi’ a: memos vio°0352$ QHS) 6°” oonS‘E—Qg ._.. 1&0}...me e am 103 ~%—-‘T Q,Né €3.6Mm saw» u «om “a: it: .. A 5'9 70seoqxsrlea‘5rse5) ,OQSQ;_Q:§'3 a: lQOxl‘Og“? ‘ n «=1 70% (qufi‘x iowOa W F L331 7“. x IQ a. IQOxlO . 3 0-07-7252; RM) 4" ‘3'73 Mm E] 11 OvOVS'l 87’5MQ m lQCwlfie" ‘70 x Io‘leSW g Q.3 A magnesium/brass thermal control consists of two bars arranged so that the gap between their free ends is 5 m 0.0050in at 70°F. The control is rigidly fixed at the ends A and B as shown. Determine the following (a) the temperature increase above 70°F at which the gap closes and the bars come into contactg (b) the stress in the magnesium bar when the temperature increase is 300°Fn (AB:0.10in2, AM20.20in2, LB:O.’75in, LM21.30in, EB:15xll)6psi, EM=6.5x106psi, 058 = 10.0 x 10‘6/0F, ocM : 14.5 x l0“6/0F) AT: Gig-TL. é wk fiWEOICSSfi \Qomé’bflms @973” “r “4‘5" " ‘9 QT: bag 0995“: m“ <7°S+ l8-85’§>‘l5b - AT; Smog a, mans"? @ moves m“: awe JAE: EQQM\QC{-fi7$ m HQ'QSQF 5;: gear”: 5x53“ Few Hr“ I We“, 3 b ‘63 flail igmgm} AT. == lo.os1o"‘”&~reons+le~se IO m— were he Ag: ‘2ng = AThfi-Hsvssywo EBAB “‘9‘ A; - F L. .: HO'DS“ fikBS‘t‘D MWRM M = a-‘loSQOBN E’TMA‘M : 9-0039 IN. F8 2: nieoslmfi ‘rqqxto‘a ibg .. US WARML%Q”AT+A6° seem 3”” =2. i e @ osmoque Eel-«a mm s 53 , ggprg mm (meme sees me, = O‘OOQQ + $8 «75° hf“ “this \ étSonseea) eewogxsj ;O°OOQQI+F8 o Te ( Q “,9 (2.3 A compound aluminum bar AME is rigidly fixed at the ends A and Has shown (a) Determine the magnitudes and direetions of the axial stresses in AM and MB of the bar when the temperature 0f the bar is reduced by 75°C from its original temperature when it was stress-free. (b) Calculate the net displacement of M under this temperature change. (A1=500mm2, A221000mm2, L2800mm, E27OGP3, (X x 24 x 10‘6/9C) {a $34.5; s emrtLu+~Le)=~+Q‘W0 (r av‘e£§s$ mm MW (Mix a Cir-r 53; «at» ‘3» C) hum *3 yi we Eéle. lmflhfl EAi 6A2... "Li‘i '5' F: ml Wt (8 g4” " w\) a “70,40” 500x45 :QQCDMQ = F 34% :1 ma *4» 7 tone? (Rm “3*” ‘0 F F: :2 7%!”QHXID‘” x 80HX€C34N :84 BIRD : madam «e» mew e eeeemM as") ...
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20090306153401 - (Fr ii SE 29 hissing semester...

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