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Manual_pyrometry lab - Optical Infrared Pyrometry Objective...

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Optical Infrared Pyrometry Objective The objective of this laboratory is for you to explore the physics and practical aspect of infrared optical pyrometry. You will operate and calibrate pyroelectric equipments and use it to probe pyrometric properties of several materials Preparation z Read section 1 to 4 of “A Brief Guide to Pyroelectric Detectors” by S. G. Porter. It should be on Compass site, or you can get it from here: z Read the wikipedia entry about black body radiation: Equipment z Optical Chopper The SDC-5000 Optical Chopper creates pulses of signal from continuous emission source. This is essential for data collection. The chopper operates by rotating fan blades at desired speed, and generates pulses with frequency ranging from 4 to 500 Hz for Low Freq setting (which requires inner aperture, closer to the center) and from 40 to 5000 Hz for High Freq (which requires outer aperture, further away from the center). The outer aperture has finer fan blade spacing to achieve the higher chopping frequency. Do not use Low Freq mode with outer aperture, and vise versa. To operate the chopper, turn on the power switch (at the back, next to power cable) and check the controller to make sure Int mode is active. Choose an aperture and select the corresponding speed mode. Press and release the frequency set knob once and the least significant digit on the clock will blink. Turning the knob clockwise will increase that digit by one for every click. Pressing and releasing the knob once again will cause the next least significant digit to blink. Continue and adjust each digit as necessary. Once you reach the most significant digit allowed, pressing the knob one more time will set the motor to the speed displayed and also stored the value in memory. The Sync Output should be connected to the oscilloscope all the time to provide the trigger. z Detector and oscilloscope We use the SPH-CM-Test pyroelectric detector to analyze the power of radiation emitted. The heart of the detector test box is a 5mm diameter LiTaO
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Manual_pyrometry lab - Optical Infrared Pyrometry Objective...

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