Food Chem 4 - Food Science Lipids are largely insoluble in...

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Food Science October 21, 2009 Lipids are largely insoluble in water Soluble in fat solvents like hexane or ether Food scientists are interested in Triglycerides(everyday fats and oils) Phospholipids Sterols, like cholesterol Importance of lipids in food Oils and fat contribute to consistency and mouthfeel- oily greasy slimy Chocolate tastes like chocolate because of way cocoa butter melts in your mouth Fats are chemically reactive- leading to off flavors/racidity- exposed to air- limits shelf life Fats have a nutritional role providing calories and essential fatty acids- necessary for growth and maintenance of health Excess consumption is linked to heart disease Fats are visible- vegetable oil, fats More subtl- cheese, yogurt, milk Sources of fats and oils Animal Milk- 3.5% fat for whole milk Beef, pig, chicken, fish Egg Plant Oilsseds…soy, sunflower, rapeseed(canola oil) Fruits of oil trees…olive,palm There is no oil produce commercially from microbes at moment- will be in future- can genetically tailor microbes to produce what we want rather than take what is there Whether its solid or liquid depends on melting points of triglycerides
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Food Chem 4 - Food Science Lipids are largely insoluble in...

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