10-5-09 - the jetlag. • The police officer also want to...

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H ENRY  G ATES  I NCIDENT In dispute whether Officer Crowley’s badge number was provided. 58 year old man, 5’7” and walked with a cane. Not very threatening individual. Tone of the dispute. Gates could have felt insulted by the tone of the officer’s tone. Also Gate’s response to the officer could have been not the tone that the officer wanted. Distinguished professor at Harvard is used to be treated with respect and deference. Flown back from China at the time and met at the airport by car and driver. Leaves him cranky and tired from 
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Unformatted text preview: the jetlag. • The police officer also want to be treated with respect and deference. They want you to acknowledge that they have power and authority. If you do not they would get mad and they will want to put you in your place. • “Is this how you treat black men in America?” • America has the highest incarceration rate. 1 10/5/09...
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