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Class - 3 What is the hegemonic view in our society and how...

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C LASS Nearly 95% of Americans claim to be in the Middle class, such as the people on welfare SES, or socio-economic status = attempt to give precision, but it’s dubious to specify upper-middle-lower. 1. Relational = Power “Class is about the power some people have over lives of others (11) Different positions in social  structure Mike Zweig, “The Working Class Majority: America’s Best Kept Secret  “Class is first and foremost a product of power asserted in the production process” (12),  2. Percentage Tentative Major employer or top executive = 1-2% Working class = 65-70% 20 million businesses in the U.S. 70% have employees 20+ employees = 1 million business 75% of all employees Top  ½  of 1% of manufacturing corporation = 83% of profits 200,000 people who serve on the governing boards 57,000 of them on 2+ governing boards. Call them get ruling class fit in Yankee Stadium..
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Unformatted text preview: . 3. What is the hegemonic view in our society, and how is this hegemony maintained? • Why does it cost money to go to a “public institution”? Costs thousands of dollars. • High school is free and then higher education costs money. • Do the colleges need the money? People needs the education to get a better job? • People who have more money should automatically get more out of it? • How is it that we maintain a system in which the public system becomes more private? Statistical Analysis • Not much difference between gender differences affecting the high scoring results on tests. • Race makes more of a difference than the gender. Asian (37) > White (32) > Hispanic (13) > Black • Even more of a difference yet in class difference High (50) > Middle > Low (6.5) 1 10/26/09...
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