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5. Working Memory 22 Jess> (facts) f-0 (MAIN::initial-fact) For a total of 1 facts in module MAIN. The fact (initial-fact) is asserted by the reset command. It is used internally by Jess to keep track of its own operations; you should generally not retract it. A given slot in a deftemplate fact can normally hold only one value. If you want a slot that can hold multiple values, use the multislot keyword instead: Jess> (deftemplate box (slot location) (multislot contents)) TRUE Jess> (bind ?id (assert (box (location kitchen) (contents spatula sponge frying-pan)))) <Fact-2> (We're saving the fact returned by (assert) in the variable ?id, for use below.) A multislot has the default value () (the empty list) if no other default is specified. You can change the values in the slots of an unordered fact using the modify command. Building on the immediately preceding example, we can move the box into the dining room:
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Unformatted text preview: Jess> (modify ?id (location dining-room)) <Fact-2> Jess> (facts) f-0 (MAIN::initial-fact) f-2 (MAIN::box (location dining-room) (contents spatula sponge frying-pan)) For a total of 2 facts in module MAIN. The optional extends clause of the deftemplate construct lets you define one template in terms of another. For example, you could define a used-auto as a kind of automobile with more data: Jess> (deftemplate used-auto extends automobile (slot mileage) (slot blue-book-value) (multislot owners)) TRUE A used-auto fact would now have all the slots of an automobile, in the same order, plus three more. As we'll see later, this inheritance relationship will let you act on all automobiles (used or not) when you so desire, or only on the used ones. 5.3. Shadow facts: reasoning about Java objects...
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