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1. Getting Started 5 Who moves first (Computer: c Human: h)? Note that in the preceding example, you type what follows the Jess> prompt, and Jess responds with the text on the next line. I will follow this convention throughout this manual. To execute the same Jess program directly from the operating-system prompt, you can pass the name of the program as an argument to the script that starts Jess: C:\Jess71p2> bin\jess.bat examples\jess\sticks.clp Jess, the Rule Engine for the Java Platform Copyright (C) 2008 Sandia Corporation Jess Version 7.1p1 8/6/2008 Who moves first (Computer: c Human: h)? Command-line editing When working at the Jess command line, it's convenient to be able to edit and reinvoke previous commands. The Jess library doesn't support this directly, but the excellent open- source product JLine can add this capability to any command-line Java program, Jess included. JLine works great with the Jess prompt and I strongly recommend it.
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