Hw9 - but you may have to spread out the modules to connect...

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COCO F09 HW #9 1/3 ECSE-2610 Computer Components and Operations Homework # 9: SSI design Due Wednesday, November4 in studio 1. (10 points) (a) Construct a two-input, four-bit mux with only 3 74x00 quad NANDs and a 74x02 quad NOR. Attach binary switches to EN_L and S, one hex keypad to mux inputs 1D0. .4D0, another to mux inputs 1D1. . 4D1, and a hex display to the output. Check that the hex display mirrors one of the hex keypads for all switch positions. (b) On the same canvass, connect all the inputs to a 74x157 2-input 4-bit mux. Connect a hex display to the output and verify that it shows the same output. (LW labels are different from that of the text. Connect 1D0 to A0, …,, 4D0 to D0, and 1D1 to A1, …,4D1 to D1.) (c) Add a 74x682 comparator, attach the two sets of mux outputs to the low- order bits of its P and Q inputs, and verify that the P=Q_L output is 0 for all S, D0 and D1 settings. Label the signals named above, make sure that the layout is understandable, put your name on the circuit and print it. Below is a possible layout,
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Unformatted text preview: but you may have to spread out the modules to connect everything. Max Grade P1 10 P2 10 P3 5 TOTAL TA COCO F09 HW #9 2/3 2. (10 points) Construct a 4:1, 1-bit multiplexer with a 6-input, 1-output PLA. The LW PLA wizard is under the Simulation menu. Attach a hex keyboard to the four mux inputs D4, D3, D2, D1, binary switches to the selector inputs S1, S0 , and a binary probe to the output line D_OUT . Put your name on the circuit, label all the signal lines , and step it through inputs 0-15hex with each of the four selector settings 00, 01, 10, 11. Attach a printout of your screen showing the circuit and the timing diagram, and list separately the input specification of the PLA. 6x1 PLA specifications (PLA wizard input): ? COCO F09 HW #9 3/3 3. (5 points) The input to this 74x148 is R EQ = FFFFAB77 . Mark 1 or 0 on every input of each of the six OR gates. Mark the 20 values before the inverting bubbles of the OR gates....
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Hw9 - but you may have to spread out the modules to connect...

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