Hw13 - X(c 74x153(four-input 2-bit mux X(d 74x257(two-input...

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COCO HW13 F09 ___________ ________________________ Section name ECSE-2610 Computer Components and Operations Due Wednesday, December 9, in studio 1. (6 points Problem 8.26 2. (7 points Problem 8.35 3. (12 points) Determine the ROM size needed to realize the combinational logic function in (a) 74x49 (7-segment decoder) ___________ X ___________ (b) 74x139 (dual decoder) ___________
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Unformatted text preview: X ___________ (c) 74x153 (four-input 2-bit mux) ___________ X ___________ (d) 74x257 (two-input 4-bit mux) ___________ X ___________ (e) 74x381 (ALU) ___________ X ___________ (f) 74x682 (comparator) ___________ X ___________ Enable inputs need not be considered. You may find it easier to find the details of the modules in LW or on the WEB than in the text. TA MAX MARK 1 6 2 7 3 12 TOTAL 25...
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