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Psychedelic Rock

Psychedelic Rock - Psychedelic Rock 04:47 The psychedelic...

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Psychedelic Rock 04:47 - The psychedelic sixties (1960’s) - Psychedelic rock is one branch of the many pop music styles influenced by youth counterculture and psychedelic drugs during the 1960’s - It was influenced by other music types such as soul, country, folk - Though not al psychedelic bands took drugs, and not all psychedelic songs refer directly to drugs - This music does attempt to reflect the mind-expanding nature of the times in musical ways - The musical elements of psychedelic music often include: 1. Extended improvisation or jams 2. Use of electronic sounds and studio effects 3. Borrowing of scales and instruments from jazz and other world cultures 4. Freedom of form and expression regarding musical and lyrical ideas - The roots of psychedelic music - prior to the emergence of psychedelic rock and related forms in the mid 60’s drug influenced music and recordings did exist, the time line I will discuss now gives some indication of theses roots - 1957- Folkways Recordings relapses “The Mushroom Ceremony of the Maxatec Indians of Mexico” collected by researcher Gordon Wasam - 1960- Del-Fi label releases “Eden’s Island” by Eden Ahbez, an album of moody and somewhat surreal songs foreshadowing the musical concepts found later in psychedelic recordings - 1961- LSD advocates Aldous Huxley records a lecture where he broaches the subject of psychedelic drugs (released after his death) - 1962- MEA label releases what some consider the first true psychedelic LP by philosopher Alan Watts entitled “This is It.” Featuring Watts and friends in a spontaneous musical happening, this is from the album Winernotes - instruments included; drums, percussion, piano, bass, marimba, and French horn with the voices freely singing and chanting - Psychedelic music before 1965 - Most critics agree that psychedelic rock came into mainstream music starting in the spring of 1965 - At that time future Doors drummer John Densmore helped form a group called the Psychedelic Rangers
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- the first known use of that term to a bands name in reference to that term or concept - But in 1964 the Holy Modal Rounder’s recorded a song that first used the term “psychedelic” in popular music - The Holy Modal Rounder’s the folk music duo of Peter stampfel and Steve weber, came upon the name for there newest musical conglomeration when stampfel said “we were stoned on Pot” There first album “Hold Model Rounder’s” released in 1964 and featured a remake of the song “hesitation blues”, a traditional blues that had been recorded at early as 1919 Holy Modal Rounders—“Hesitation Blues”—1964 Immediately you notice the use of traditional country instruments also found in folk and bluegrass, including the fiddle and acoustic guitars The beat is what we call a “country 2” beat – each half of the bar rather than each individual beat is emphasized Fingerpicker acoustic guitar and improvised fiddling leads to rural inflected vocal styles, and the term “psy-cho-del-ic” is used quite descriptively
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