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Music and Race Notes

Music and Race Notes - MusicandRace 15:40 Welcome to our...

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Music and Race 15:40 - Welcome to our lecture on Race - To star, I’d like to pose two questions - Take a moment to pause this lecture and write down your answer to these questions before we continue - First question: what is race? - Second question: What is ethnicity, and is it the same thing as race? - Go ahead and answer these questions on paper now and we will compare answers later - In answering the fist question, many of you probably mentioned different race categories, like white, black, Asian, native American, etc - Some of you probably mentioned ancestry, place of origin, or biological differences like genetics, skin color, hair texture, eye shape, etc. - All of these answers are correct, in a sense. - In the Unites States today somebody’s race supposedly tells us about all of these things - Perhaps the best way to define race is that it’s a story, a kind of history - Race tells people where they come from both geographically and ancestrally - In doing so, its tells people how they are special, what their struggles are, what they are entitled to - Now some of you probably wrote that race is about biology, ethnicity is a about culture. - (Some of you probably wrote that while race is about biology, ethnicity is about culture.) - That’s basically correct, race is not the same thing as ethnicity - Although the two terms are used synonymously on government forms, surveys, and
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