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Chapter 6: Sequential Circuits Read book on how single bit is stored Synchronization is achieved by using a clock generator o Produces periodic chain of clock pulses Things wait for a clock pulse to happen Flip-Flops: Binary storage device capable of storing one bit of information and having timing characteristics to be defined later Can change state only in response to a clock pulse During synchronous operation, when a clock pulse absent, the flip-flop outputs can not change even if the
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Unformatted text preview: outputs of the combinational circuit driving their inputs change in value  Has one or two outputs, one for the normal value of the bit stored, and an optional one for the complemented value of the bit stored  Most prevalent type of flip-flop is the D flip-flop Latches: What flip-flops be made of First Look: SR latch. Circuit constructed from two cross-coupled NOR gates. See below for MML and Logisim implementation....
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2008-03-07_3A-7A_Intro_Chapter_6_SRLatch - outputs of the...

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