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JK and T Flip Flops: First, take a look at both in Logisim and see if you can figure out what they do. Then, see table below:
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Chapter 5: Arithmetic Functions and Circuits In this chapter, the focus continues to be on functional blocks, specifically, a special class of functional blocks that perform arithmetic operations. The concept of iterative circuits made up of arrays of combinational cells is introduced. Blocks designed as iterative arrays for performing addition, addition and subtraction, and multiplication are covered. The simplicity of these arithmetic circuits comes from using complement representations for numbers and complement-based arithmetic. In addition, we introduce circuit contraction that permits us to design new functional
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Unformatted text preview: blocks. Contraction involves application of value-fixing to the inputs of existing blocks and simplification of the resulting circuits. These circuits perform operations such as incrementing a number, decrementing a number, or multiplying a number by a constant. Many of these new functional blocks are used to construct sequential functional blocks in Chapter 7. In the generic computer diagram at the beginning of Chapter 1, adders, adder-subtractors, and multipliers are used in the processor. Incrementers and decrementers are used widely in other components as well, so concepts from this chapter apply across most components of the generic computer. Iterative Combinational Circuits Example: Binary Adder Full Adder: Binary Ripple Carry Adder:...
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2008-05-08_3A-7A_JK-T_Chapter-5_Intro - blocks Contraction...

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