Biology Research Paper - Biodiversity • Influential...

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Unformatted text preview: Biodiversity • Influential Individuals: • John Muir — Scottish-born American naturalist and explorer (Citation: 1) • Brief Biography: • Born April 21, 1838 in Dunbar, Scotland • His strict father didn’t allow him to read • Invented “Early-Rising Machine” that woke him up early so he can read • Attended University of Wisconsin • Pioneer in Conservation Movement • Wrote great articles including “ The Mountains of California (1893)” and “ Our National Parks (1901)” in Century Magazine • Yosemite Valley became a National Park (1890) as a result of Muir’s efforts • Published four books in his lifetime including Stickeen (1909) and My First Summer in the Sierra (1911) • Founder and President of Sierra Club (1892) — organization to preserve wild lands • His scientific observations greatly contributed to the protection of natural resources • Gaylord Nelson (Citation 2) • Brief Biography • Born June 4 th , 1916 in Clear Lake, WI • Bachelor's degree from San Jose State University • Law degree from University of Wisconsin (1942) • Joined U.S. Army and became a lieutenant in WWII • Environmental Activism • Politician and Environmentalist • Promoted environment protection as a Governor of Wisconsin and U.S. Senator • Legacy 1. Founded the first Earth Day (1970) 2. Started politician environmental activism trend • Outdoor Recreation Act Program — bought a million acres of land to preserve • Jane Goodall (Citation: 3) • Brief Biography 1. Born April 3 rd , 1934 London, England 2. Father was an engineer and mother a novelist 3. Completed secondary school and started working •...
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Biology Research Paper - Biodiversity • Influential...

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