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Evolution and Us What do you think, are human’s evolving? Explain. Humans are evolving because the definition of evolution is the change in the allele frequencies in a gene pool. There is definitely selection within the human population due to differences in social status, physical appearance, race, intelligence, etc. Therefore, the carriers of the favored traits are increasing and the corresponding alleles for the favored traits are also increasing in frequencies. What do you think Darwin would argue about human evolution? Why? Darwin would argue that he expected humans to become more “beautiful, intelligent, symmetrical, healthy, and emotionally stable”, because he believed that the driving force of evolution is natural selection or “survival of the fittest”. Therefore, organisms with more “fitness” will produce more offspring and pass on their genes, but this is actually not true in humans. Nevertheless, there is still change in the frequencies of alleles controlling favorable traits. Darwin would
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Unformatted text preview: argue that the human technology and society is the cause of selection just as environmental pressure is the cause in the evolution of other organisms. What do you think Darwin would think of all the advancements in DNA & evolution since his time in the late 1800’s? Be specific. Darwin would argue that the DNA similarity between organisms support that there was a common ancestor for all organisms. Darwin would argue that the DNA genetics engineering is exactly what descent with modification means. The human today is the result of the accumulation of inherited changes over many generations. Darwin would be amazed by all the advancements in DNA & evolution since 1800’s, but he would also argue that his theory for evolution was perfect because even though genetics also affect evolution, Darwin would consider genetics a part of nature. So, natural selection would remain to be the cause for evolution....
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