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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn_Final Paper

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn_Final Paper - The Adventures...

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn After the long adventure down the Mississippi River, I decided to go on Lake Michigan for a change. As I drifted down the lake, this great city called Chicago came into view and that’s where I found a boy named Jiasong and we became friends. Jiasong told me about all these things but none of them made sense to me. One day, I went to Jiasong’s house and we watched TV. “Who is that woman on TV?” I said. “That’s Hillary Clinton and she is running for president,” answered Jiasong. “That’s weird, how can a woman run for president? This is wrong; women are not capable of running for president.” “Give me a good reason why woman can’t run for president.” “There has never been any female president in the United States history and there is not going to be one.” “Things changed; women are equal as men now. They can do whatever men can.” I don’t understand how women can do what men can. Women’s duty has always been taking care of household stuff. I don’t see a point in arguing with Jiasong, so I will be quiet and watch on. “And who is that black guy and why is he on TV too?” “O, that’s Barack Obama, and he is also running for president.” I stood up and frowned. “No way, he is not going to become our president! How can they possibly allow a black guy to run for president? Blacks are not educated enough.
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