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AgNO3 reacted w/ HCL to form a white/milky like precipitate. HCL didn’t react w/ Sr(NO3)2, Mg(NO3)3, or Al(No3)3. H2SO4 reacted with Sr(NO3)2 to form a thick, white gel like substance. But, it didn’t react w/ the other metal salts: AgNO3, Mg(NO3)3, and Al(No3)3. NH4OH reacted w/ AgNO3 to form a light brown precipitate. NH4OH reacted with Mg(NO3)3 to form a slight white precipitate. NH4OH reacted w/ Al(No3)3 to form a white precipitate but did not react to Sr(NO3)2. NaOH reacted with AgNO3 to form a slightly green/brown, watery precipitate. NaOH reacted w/ Mg(NO3)3 to form a
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Unformatted text preview: white, gel like precipitate w/ bits of pink precipitate on top, but did not react w/ Sr(NO3)2 or Al(No3)3. HNO3 reacted w/ Sr(NO3)2 to form a slight white precipitate but didnt react with AgNO3, Mg(NO3)3, or Al(No3)3. The error in procedure that might have caused a false conclusion was our initial observations could have been misinterpreted or our vials were not cleaned correctly thus risking decontamination from previous reactions....
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