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Fitch Quiz #4 February 10t\ 2009 Chern 238B Name ----------- TA: Brock 1. Fill in the box with the appropriate starting material or product(s). Draw only the major organic product. (6 points) 1. Mg (l equiv) .. (l equiv) ~ ~cu""'Li (1 equiv) + ~Br ---. . .. THF (1 equiv) (2 equiv) + 2. Suggest two possible combinations
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Unformatted text preview: of Grignard Reagent (RMgBr) and Carbonyl (Aldehyde or Ketone) that could be used to generate the alcohol shown. (6 points) ....-----------, OMe Grignard Reagent ') ~)l t-\ )0 Me-o Aldehyde/Ketone Combination 1 Grignard Reagent Aldehyde/Ketone Combination 2...
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