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quizzes_quiz%205%20KEY - Quiz#5 February 17th 2009 Name...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz #5 February 17th, 2009 Name , Chem 238B TA: Brock Fitch Maki 1. Fill in the box with the appropriate starting material or product(s). Draw only the major organic product. (6 points) 0 H NaBH4, MeOH —-——-——-—> (no water) 9 o ‘ - .. + O (63'; Cl N/ H OH (PCC) —-_--—--—————> (no water) 2. Circle the compound that will be reduced most rapidly by NaBH4. 3. Propose a synthetic route that generates products B1 and B2 from starting material A. Only draw reagents and intermediates. You do not need to draw the mechanism. (4 points) ...
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