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EE330 Course Outline - Ref Chap 5 Week 10 BJT in single...

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Course Outline EE 330 (M,W) Instructor: Maryam Moussavi, Ph.D. Office: ECS 509 Email : [email protected] Office Hours : TBD Text Book : Microelectronic Circuits, Sedra and Smith, Oxford Publication, 6 th Edition Reference: Microelectronincs, An Integrated Approach, Howe and Sodini, Prentice Hall Tentative Schedule: Week 1: Review of circuit theory and circuit analysis techniques, Input Output relationship Ref . Nilsson, EE211 Week 2: Ideal Op amp, Bandwidth, Cutoff frequencies, Configurations Ref. Chapter 2 Week 3:Semiconductor Theory, Diodes (FB,RB, Zener Range) Ref. Chap.3 Weeks 4,5: Transistors BJT and MOSFET devices DC analysis operating point Ref . Chap 4, 5 Week 6: Single Stage BJT AC analysis , and amplification Ref . Chap 4 Week 7: Review before test and Test Week 8: Single stage CMOS Amplifiers: Common Source, Source Follower Ref: Chap 5 Week 9: Cascade stages, Device Models, voltage amplifier, current amplifier
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Unformatted text preview: Ref. Chap 5 Week 10: BJT in single stage : Common emitter, emitter follower, and common base amplifiers Ref . Chap 4 Week 11: Differential Amplifiers (BJT and MOS) Ref. Chap 6 Week 12, 13: DC and small signal analysis of Opamps Ref. Chap 10 Week 14: Frequency response, Current mirrors Howe and Sodini Week 15: Review Lab projects: A lab kit will be available for purchase by the second week. There will be six projects. Each project will have a theoretical, simulation and experimental component. Individual lab reports are expected. The format will be discussed in class. Grading: 3 Quizzes : 15% total Projects: 30% Midterm: 25% Final: 30% No make up quizzes will be given. In case of emergency the weight of the midterm will be shifted to your final. You must provide a letter to verify your urgency....
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EE330 Course Outline - Ref Chap 5 Week 10 BJT in single...

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