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TAX 6845 – Exam 3 December 8, 2009 Name: Points available Points earned Part 1: Problem/short answer 16 Part 2: Discussion question 16 Part 3: Short answer 12 Part 4: Discussion question 16 Part 5: Discussion question 16 Part 6: True/False – Correct the false statements 24 Total Exam 3 100 Notes: This exam has x pages (including this cover sheet). Five computational/conceptual questions and one true/false question. The accountant is continually confronted with the necessity of expressing his
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Unformatted text preview: opinions and conclusions in written reports in clear, unequivocal language. Although the primary purpose of this examination is to test your knowledge and application of the subject matter, your ability to organize and present such knowledge will also be considered. • Show your work and label computation for partial credit. • Make sure that you answer each part of the question. • You must turn in your exam no later than x:50 p.m. • Allocate your time ± wisely. • Good Luck! ♣...
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