9-15 - Nose gear is weak Gear shock absorbtion o Spring...

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Truss construction o Tubing framework covered with formers and fabric Most are semi-monocoque construction o Skin carries load o Bent or dented skin can weaken structure Wings o Spar is main structural member o Ribs give airfoil shape o Control surfaces attached o Fuel tanks in wings for safety Conventional landing gear o Tail wheel airplane o Tail dragger o Advantages Pilot has more control in gusty winds Better for rough landing strips Less drag o Disadvantage Unstable directionally on ground (it will not track straight on its own) Tricycle gear o Advantages Directionally stable No special skill required to make it go straight o Disadvantages Can’t be forced onto runway
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Leads to wheel barrowing Not good for rough runways
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Unformatted text preview: Nose gear is weak Gear shock absorbtion o Spring gear Leaf Spring tube o Air oleo strut Pneumatic oleo o Bungee cords Steering o Nose wheel Connected to rudder pedals with spring mechanism or solid Free swiveling Large aircraft use a separate tiller level or wheel on the side o Tail Wheel Steering Connected to rudder with springs Once ir goes so far it will free swivel o Tires Proper inflation Condition • Wear • Deep cuts Creep • Slip mark o Engines Reciprocating • Horizontally opposed • Radial Gas Turbo (jet) • Turbo prop • Turbo jet Stroke cycle • Intake • Compression • Power • Exhaust...
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9-15 - Nose gear is weak Gear shock absorbtion o Spring...

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