9-19 - Engine failure in flight o Aviate navigate...

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Rough Running Engine o Inadequate fuel supply- switch tanks o Carb ice- apply full carb heat or alternate air o Incorrect mixture: gets lean during dexcent o Faulty magneto Reduce power and check mags Run on good mag at low cruise power to closest airport 9high power + one mag = detonation) o Fouled spark plug Especially during run-up after long taxi May be cured by operating at high power setting with lean mixture for a few minutes Burns off the carbon o Primer not locked Rough at idle OK at cruise o Cross-check engine instruments Gauges should correlate Low iol pressure w/ high oil temp Fuel floe normal, high, or low? Taxiing o Coast over rocks and gravel, don’t run-up over gravel Engine failure in flight o Ignition failure of both mags- unlikely o Fuel starvation o Carburetor ice
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o Mechanical failure o Practice emergency procedures with an instructor
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Unformatted text preview: Engine failure in flight o Aviate, navigate, communicate Engine fire in flight o Fuel off o Land Engine fire during startup o Continue cranking It’s probably in the induction system Throttle full open If engine will start the fire will be sucked into engine where ir belongs Checking engine power o Know static RPM for your airplane Maximum RPM without rolling @ full throttle o Check it during run-up or during first part of take-off roll CHAPTER 6 fuel system o fuel in wings o sumps to drain o vents o fuel quantity o finger screens o fuel strainer (gascolator) o fuel selector o fuel shut-off o auxiliary pump o engine driven pump o reservoir tank electrical system o bettery is for starting and emergency use...
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  • Fall '08
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  • Fuel injection, Inadequate fuel supply, check mags Run, temp Fuel floe, Carb ice- apply, Fuel starvation Carburetor

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9-19 - Engine failure in flight o Aviate navigate...

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