9-29 - Less than MTOW o(1 more Speed limits o Vne never...

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Documents must be in airplane o A.R.R.O.W. Airworthiness certificate Registration certificate Radio station license If operated outside of U.S. Operating limitations, instrument markings and Placards Weight and Balance information Aircraft categories o Normal +3.8 to -1.52g o Utility +4.4 to -1.86g o Acrobatic +6 to -3g Operating limitations o Listed in POH o Shown on placards o Instrument range markings POH contents o Divided into sections General Limitations Emergency procedures
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Normal procedures Performance Weight and balance/equipment list Supplements o All sections are the same regardless of manufacturer o Airframe weight limitations Maximum ramp weight Highest plane can weigh and be taxied o Maximum takeoff weight Less than max ramp weight o Maximum landing weight
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Unformatted text preview: Less than MTOW o (1 more) Speed limits o Vne- never exceed o Vno- max normal operating o Vfe- flap extension o Vle- landing gear extended o Vlo- landing gear operating o Va- Maneuvering speed Va Adjustment o Reduce Va by 2 knots for each 100 pound reduction from gross weight This rule is good for light airplanes with gross weights around 2500 pounds o Reduce Va by 1% for each 2% reduction from gross weight Good for any plane Pressure Altitude o The altitude you would be ar if you were in a standard atmosphere o 3 ways to get PA Set altimeter to 29.92 and read altitude Use standard rule of thumb (1’ Hg/1000 ft) Interpolation of pressure altitude conversion chart o If altimeter setting is less than 29.92 you add to current altitude & vice-versa o...
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9-29 - Less than MTOW o(1 more Speed limits o Vne never...

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