10-24 - Cloud clearance • Clear of • 1000 over, 500...

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PEW Pilot, equipment, weather restrictions o Class B Student pilots must have instruction and signoff Clearance required before entry Xponder with mode C required in, above, and below o Class C Establish radio contact before entering Xponder (Mode C) required within and above, not below Generally 20nm diameter 4000’ AGL 10 nm diameter to surface o Class D Student pilot: no restrictions Two way radio communications required for entry No special Xponder requirements Generally 2500 AGL 4.4 nm radius but can have extensions up to 2nm o TRSA Terminal Radar Service Areas Not regulatory – not in FAR 71 or 91 Located around some clad D airports Gregg county has TRSA Depicted with solid black lines o Basic VFR Weather minimums
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Unformatted text preview: Cloud clearance • Clear of • 1000 over, 500 under, 2000 horizontal (152) • 1000 over, 1000 under, 1 sm horizontal (111) • 1000’ cailing VFR visibility requirements • 1 sm • 3sm • 5sm Vis and cloud combinations • 1:c/o-- SVFR of G, day,1200 AGL • 1:152 -- G, day, > 1200 AGL <10,000 MSL • 3:c/o -- Class B airspace only • 5:111 > 10K MSL & >1200 AGL • 3:152 Everywhere else • 1000’ ceiling – Always B, C, D, E if it extends to the surface Speed restrictions • Speed limit of 250 knots IAS lower than 10k’ • 200 kt speed limit o Within 4 nm and 2500’ AGL of control tower in Class C or D o Under the floor of Class B airspace o Within a VFR…? o...
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10-24 - Cloud clearance • Clear of • 1000 over, 500...

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