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11-10 - administrator ATC Transponder o With mode C...

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ELT CFR 91.207 Emergency Locator Transmitter o Transmits audible tone on 121.5 & 243 MHz o Turned on manually or with impact switch Battery expiration dates o In maintenance logs and o On outside of ELT Test only in first 5 minutes of the hour for 3 sweeps maximum on ground only Must be inspected every 12 calendar months Aircraft lights o Position lights On from sunset to sunrise o Anti-collision lights (strobes or rotating beacons) If aircraft has them, they must be on day or night except when pilot determines it’s safer to have them off – ground operation at night Anti-collision light required for night lighting Supplemental oxygen o If cabin altitude is above: 12,500 Crew for longer than 30 min 14,000 Crew for entire time 15,000 Must be available for passengers Inoperative instruments
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o If item is not required, it must meet the properly altered condition set by the
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Unformatted text preview: administrator ATC Transponder o With mode C required: When above 10,000 MSL & > 2500 AGL Within 30 nm of class B airspace Over and in class C Acrobatic flight o Any intentional maneuvers involving abrupt change in attitude, abnormal attitude Three night time’s o Sunset to sunrise Navigation lights must be on o 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise Pilot currency requirements o End of civil twilight to beginning of civil twilight Official night Types of NOTAMS o FDC – those that are regulatory in nature o Distant – those that you would want to know about before you got to your destination A – Annual V - VOR (30 days) I - 100 hour -30 days - IFR A - Altimeter – 24 Cal. months T - Transponder 24 Cal. Mon E - ELT 12 Cal. Months...
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  • Fall '08
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  • Twilight, Emergency Locator Transmitter, night Anti-collision light, Battery expiration dates, properly altered condition

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11-10 - administrator ATC Transponder o With mode C...

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