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11-19 - your desired bearing Tracking to NDB with wind o...

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NDB Tracking and Homing o The ground station is an NDB o The Aircraft Receiver is an ADF o Inexpensive ground equipment as compared to the VOR system o Homing- flying to the station o Determing aircraft position relative to the NDB station as in magnetic bearing from and magnetic bearing to Types of ADF’s o Fixed card o Rotatable card Intercept Bearings to o 3 questions Where am i Where do I want to go How do I get there o Fly your determined intercept heading o When your angle of intercept equals the angle of deflection then you have arrived on
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Unformatted text preview: your desired bearing Tracking to NDB with wind o Tracking vs homing Head of needle will drift to direction of where wind is coming from Double the deflection to place the head of the needle on the other side of the nose of the aircraft Head of needle must fall for intercept to be working Once back on course, set in wind correction If needle holds position the correction angle is correct...
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