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Stress Note - Chapter 8 Managing Stress and Anxiety Lesson...

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Chapter 8. Managing Stress and Anxiety Lesson 1 Effects of Stress Stress - the reaction of the body and mind to everyday challenges and demands. Perception – the act of becoming aware through the senses. Stressor - anything that causes stress, 5 types. Biological stressor (illness), environmental stressor (poverty, pollution), cognitive stressor(how one respond), personal behavior stressor(tobacco), life situation stressor (divorce of parents) Stress is not necessarily good or bad in and of itself, but it ca have positive or negative effects. Two body systems closely related to stress: Nervous system, endocrine system. 3 Stages of Stress Alarm – Sometimes referred as fight-or-flight response - Hypothalamus (small brain part) releases a hormone that acts on the pituitary gland. - Then adrenal glands - Then adrenaline released
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Resistance - During this stage, your body adapts to the rush created by alarm and reacts to the stressor.
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