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My Health - active Also when I do not get enough sleep I...

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My Health Kyle Lee Wed Feb 8 th , 2005 Health I am not one who enjoys physical activities. I don’t know why, but I don’t. However, I am still physically healthy enough. Even though I exercise irregularly, I neither eat junk food often, nor do drugs. Instead, I prefer to eat meal with rice as other Asians do. I know I should go to the bed earlier, but I usually go to bet at the midnight. However, in these days I try to go to bed at latest 11 o’clock. I am mentally so-so healthy. However, I get stressed very easily. Whenever I try my best, and do not achieve what I expected, I grow gloomy. However, when I am not, I feel really happy, and become
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Unformatted text preview: active. Also, when I do not get enough sleep, I become lazy and impatient. If I don’t get enough sleep a day before, I don’t care whatever is going on around me. I guess I am a kind of socially healthy even though I prefer to meet who I have already known. That does not mean that I hate to meet new people. I am just unfamiliar with it. However, since I transferred to new school, I had to meet new people a lot. Now, I made many friends, but the problem is that all of them are Koreans. From now on, I will try to make other-than-Korean friends for healthier social life....
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