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The Bribe Kyle Lee Mr. Channey English Wed Feb 8 th , 2005 [1] A bribe is a gift used to influence or persuade someone to do something wrong. a) How is the poet using the word? In the poem, a bribe is described as an object that is given to the land, the mother, by the Indians. b) What "bribe" do the Indian women offer the land? They offer the land turquoise threads. They also chant to the land.
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Unformatted text preview: c) What do they ask in return? They ask to the land to enable them to catch a bird. [2] a) what is the speaker's offering? She is offering a ballpoint pen and lined yellowing paper. b) What does she ask in return for her bribe? She asks to the land to smile on her, to croon softly, to help her catch the land’s music with words....
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