Rarely living in present

Rarely living in present - Aesthetically adorned with false...

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Memories Kyle Lee Mr. Channey Wed Mar 14 th , 2006 English I Rarely live in present often live in past My nature forces to be a fake creature Only thoughts of past do make me up As every second passes on me, More memories created to taste Being a thinker, have no true life Fake dreams sever me like a knife Hopeful is never to be Only hypocrisies overrules me
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Unformatted text preview: Aesthetically adorned with false atmosphere, Memories of me grow even bigger and stronger, Fills me with sour sweet fear As long as I live, I would not stop dreaming As long as I remember, I would not live a true life As long as the past make me up Much more than the present, My life would be just a short annecdote...
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