Poet terms - Tone t he poet's or persona's attitude in...

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Tone - the poet's or persona 's attitude in style or expression toward the subject, e.g., loving, ironic, bitter, pitying, fanciful, solemn, etc. Tone can also refer to the overall mood of the poem itself, in the sense of a pervading atmosphere intended to influence the readers' emotional response and foster expectations of the conclusion. Diction - the choice of words, phrases, sentence structures, and figurative language in a literary work; the manner or mode of verbal expression, particularly with regard to clarity and accuracy. The diction of a poem can range from colloquial to formal, from literal to figurative, or from concrete or abstract. Foot – unit of accent or meter Sonnet - a fixed form consisting of fourteen lines of 5-foot iambic verse. Connotation – word with an image ex) mother Denotation – literal meaning of a word ex) mother 5 senses – visual, aural, gustatory, olfactory, and tactile Alliteration – the repetition of a sound (brown bird blue bug brought boys). Ballad - a short narrative poem with stanzas of two or four lines and usually a refrain . The story of a ballad can originate from a wide range of subject matter but frequently deals with
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Poet terms - Tone t he poet's or persona's attitude in...

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