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Obituary Kyle Lee Mr. Channey Mon Apr 3 rd , 2006 English I CP Obitupus Kylous, retired professional milk sucker, passed away on Mar 21 st , 200 BC, only a week after his 200 th birthday. The cause of the death was the rebellion of his raw meat, humans, according to his family members, and they are swearing to take revenges for him. He was born in 400 BC in the Cyclopia Island as a son of Obviousis Kyluous, and Helena Kyluous. He attended Bestraiser Preparatory Academy for 2 years and enrolled in cow-raiser College at the age of 40. As a student, he successfully managed and got the scholarship for 4 years. His major was cow raising, and he also learned how to use truncheon and spear. After the graduation, he attended The Cyclopean-Greek War. He was an official and gained honor and respects among many others during the war by literally massacring thousands of them by one swing. He was happy for the fact that he did not have to worry about food for at least a year. He received several awards from the major, and the president. His bravery is still remembered in the
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Unformatted text preview: Cyclopean National War Museum. He worked as a professional cow raiser and offered fresh milk to his acquaintances. He was really proud that the quality of his milk was among the best of the best of all milk shops in Cyclopia Island. He invented human-meat-favored milk, as well as blood-favored and fungi-favored. As a generous Cyclop, he donated cow milk for orphans who lost their family by the tsunami in 320 BC. He also supported scholarship for them at Cow-raiser College. He married to Rabbitheadius Kylous and is survived by his two sons, Octipusis Kylous and Fishheadius Kylous, both of Cyclo York, Cyclopia Island. They followed their father’s business, and gained respects for their quality of milk. They always thought it to be proud to follow his father’s business. As a great cyclop who was exemplified as ideal milk sucker, he is missed by many, including his families, friends, and many other acquaintances. The burial will be held on March 24 th , 200 BC....
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