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Pokeland Kyle Lee Mr. Chaney Apr 20 th , 2006 English I The next island was Poketland. Amazingly, there were so many different types of animals and plants on the island. In fact, those were all harmless monsters. Plants had legs and arms, and there were ghost-looking monsters, and human-like monsters. Also, they seemed to have special abilities. Odysseus and his comrades became relaxed. Monsters did not harm them, or did not even look at them. Odysseus suddenly thought, “If I get an egg, and sell it in Greece, I will become rich”. He walked a while to get an egg. However, he could not find even a single one. At last, he found a yellow egg with black dots. Odysseus thought, “Now, I am rich!” When he touched it, he got an electric shock. It was so strong, and he
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Unformatted text preview: trembled. He soon stood up, holding a blade with him. He looked around him, and found a mouth-like creature with yellow fur, red cheeks, ears with black top, and thunder-shaped tail. It soon cried, “Pika, Pika”. This creature could produce electricity like a modern machine. He knew that it is the owner of an egg, and he would get an electric shock again. He soon got an idea. He cut the rubber tree near him, and put that on his hand. When he touched the monster, he did not get an electric shock. With the egg, and the monster, he went back to his ship.- The monster represents modern technology, and machines. It also represents how overusing machines can harm people....
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