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Lee 1 Kyle Lee Mr. Chaney English I Tues Mar 28 th , 2006 Setting of Out of Africa In the autobiography Out of Africa , Isak Dinesen once comments on Africa, “Here I am where I ought to be” (pg. 4). Unlike to the others, Africa came differently to Isak Dinesen, which gave her a grand impression of nature and its fullness of animations. Because of the special setting of the book, unusual stories make the book itself special. Due to the location of her farm, she became close and shared ideas with native Africans. By meeting them, she reflected herself and viewed the European society with a different perspective. She also got occasions to raise a fawn and to see hundreds of stars. Such experiences impressed her greatly, and gave her a chance to understand Africa comprehensively. Most importantly, she had to persuade a boy to come to hospital and another boy who had killed a friend by accident to come back. Such conflicts provided her profound opportunities to become mentally mature, and tested her faith in the god. As illustrated, setting plays a pivotal role in Isak Dinesen’s Out of Africa , and it affects other elements of a novel. Setting affects a variety of characters the author met, events such as raising a fawn, and conflicts like persuading a close boy who killed his friend by accident. The location of the farm greatly influenced the variety of the people with different
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Lee 2 ideas that the author met. The author had six thousand acres of land on the Ngong Hills in Africa. Such land was divided into several lands with different purposes. About couple thousands of land was grassland, a part of land was forest, one thousand acres of land was used by native African squatters, and the rest was mostly coffee bean plantation. Moreover, the squatters had to work for the author for several days in a year since they lived on her land. Through those contacts, the author learned how to speak Somali, and got a close relationship
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Out of Africa - Lee 1 Kyle Lee Mr. Chaney English I Tues...

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