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1. X-linked gene – a gene found on the X chromosome. 2. Sex linkage – the presence of a gene on a sex chromosome. 3. Somatic mutation – a mutation that occurs in a body cell. 4. lethal mutation - 5. Inversion – a mutation that occurs when a chromosome pierce breaks off and reattaches in reverse orientation. 6. Nondisjunction – the failure of homologous chromosomes to separate during meiosis or the failure of sister chromatids to separate during mitosis. 7. Substitutions – a point mutation in which one nucleotide in a codon is replaced with a different nucleotide. 8. Y-linked gene – a gene found on the Y chromosome. 9. Chromosome map – DNA and protein in a coiled, rod-shaped form that occurs during cell division. 10. Germ cell mutation – a change in the DNA of a sex cell. 11. Deletion – a mutation in which a segment of DNA breaks off a chromosome. 12. Translocation – a mutation in which a broken pierce of chromosome attaches to a non- homologous chromosome; movement of organic molecules in plant tissues. 13.
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